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Accelerate Gender Equality  in your organization

Sama’s AI tool helps organizations identify why women drop off the workforce and plugs the gaps.

The matching algorithm analyzes patterns and recommends interventions to retain women in

the workforce.

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Discover causes for attrition beyond the "Seen" Reasons

Sama’s proprietary diagnostic tool generates both qualitative  and quantitative insights to help organizations look beyond the seen (and the obvious) reasons for attrition in women employees as they traverse different life-stages.


With our tool,  organizations can replace anecdotal evidence with definitive data driven metrics. These metrics when coupled with contextualized insights help organizations drive focussed interventions to increase representation of women.

Predict Turnover Intention

The diagnostic tool processes a complex dataset of variables to find meaningful patterns that predict women employees risk level of falling off from the workforce temporarily or permanently.

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Sama: an extension of your DEI team

Through our dashboard and narrative report, HR Leaders and DEI practitioners get deep dive insights into the most pressing areas of improvement facing the org, and the best recommended solutions to solve for it. 

Sama goes one step further by  providing management and advisory services for implementation of the recommended solutions and consolidate  attributions. A one stop shop  for your diversity needs. 

Solutions Hub - a sneak peak

We have curated solutions aligned to all aspects of challenges and concerns that come up while  build a gender equitable and  inclusive work environment. Here is small  sample of our solutions:


Gender Sensitization


Unconscious Bias


Financial Literacy

Mentor Program



Return to Work


Women Onboard


Allyship & Advocacy

Pay Parity Audit

Women Health 


Sama is building an AI powered ecosystem of matching insights with interventions

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Globally Validated framework

Data Driven Insights

An extension to the Organization

Carefully designed and validated under academic tutelage lending high degree of confidence to the model & insights while allowing for comparison against global benchmarks

Sama will work as an extension of the organization’s HR team while keeping an objective lens to implement the solutions, creating a shared sense of responsibility for the outcomes

Backing DEI initiatives with hard numerical evidence, rather than being guided by intuition and anecdotal evidence.

Only 9% of urban women are gainfully employed.   CMIE Study (Jan'22 - Mar'22)

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