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Our Vision

Advancing Gender Equity at Workplace

Our Mission

Increasing Representation of Women at Workplaces 

Our Story

What could be a better proof of concept than a lived experience? And that too, a lived experience that's shared by women across the world.


Mridvika and Payoshni started their lives as ambitious daughters of the newly rising middle-class of the early 80s. Born and brought up in small towns, they both moved to bigger cities for higher studies and career opportunities. Opening up to the possibilities, they realized that the key to this world was financial freedom. This was the starting point of long and interesting career journeys that took them both from corporate life to the development sector to the start-up world, each stint deepening their purpose, strengthening their identity, and fueling their ambitions further. And in between all this, they landed the toughest gig of their lives - being a mother. This single experience changed their perspective about their own careers. It opened their eyes to the struggles of millions of women in India who walk the thin line between careers, purpose and caregiving every day.

But the true awakening came in early 2022, when India’s female LPR matched war-torn Yemen’s, and India ranked 140 out of 156 countries when it came to women in the workforce. This is when first independently, and then jointly, Mridvika and Payoshni decided that it was time to find a sustainable solution to the herculean problem that both the country and its women faced.

Their mission is to make workplaces truly SAMA (equal) for women in the workforce.


Mridvika Raisinghani
Co-founder & CEO

Mridvika has over 16 yrs of experience across technology services, consulting, non-profit, ed-tech and HR-Tech companies. She's worked in functions such as client delivery, fundraising, Sales & Business Development and P&L management.  At Sama, Mridvika is responsible for fundraising, finance, sales and early product development. 

Payoshni Saraf
Co - Founder & COO

Payoshni has 17+ yrs of work experience across corporate retail, non-profit, and ed-tech companies. With a proven track record of operationalizing programs and building high impact partnerships, she has successfully built and nurtured online and offline communities that collaborate and innovate together. At Sama, Payoshni is responsible for overall company operations like client delivery, HR, Marketing and early product development. 

Advisory Board

An esteemed assembly of industry leaders and experts, the Advisory Board brings invaluable guidance and strategic insights to shape the future direction of Sama.

Impact Investor

Mallika Singh

Mallika is a Senior leader passionate about advancing social impact through entrepreneurship. She is a seasoned investor and advisor in early stage and growth companies across multiple sectors in India and the US. She has worked at global organizations like Omidyar Network (a social impact investment fund), Endeavor (a global non-profit) and Citigroup and has gained extensive experience in investing, M&A, deal structuring, and leveraged finance. 


Associate Prof. Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

Dr. Hillol Bala

Dr. Hillol specializes in research in the area of Information Systems (IS) with focus on digital transformation through emerging digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) based technologies and platforms, social platforms, and enterprise systems (e.g., ERP, supply chain management, customer relationship management). He has spent his academic career researching how individuals react to changes induced by these technologies and how organizations and platforms can develop effective interventions to minimize negative reactions. He also specializes in the assimilation of interorganizational business process standards (e.g. RosettaNet) in supply-chain and other interorganizational networks and their impacts.

Kaustubh Hanmantgad

CEO & Founder, Kindling

Kaustubh specializes in using behavior analytics to provide  strategic insights and support systems for high performance. He comes with an entrepreneurial background and extensive experience as an advisor to leadership across enterprises, start-ups, funds and elite sports teams. Kaustubh has led advisory and talent transformation projects in various segments. He has led high performance advisory projects across the Indian Women’s Cricket team, Ind. U-19 cricket teams, Ind. Women’s Hockey team for the Olympics; founders of Jupiter, Bonito Designs, Myntra; leadership teams of Apple, KPMG Global, Diageo, Aon Consulting and managers of Setu, Bentel Associates, HP and 24/7 etc


Director Technology, Teach For India

Hitesh Rawtani

Hitesh has over 18 years of experience delivering technology solutions to a global clientele across multiple domains and in design, development, research and strategy. He has worked with organizations such as Mastek, Morgan Stanley and Queppelin - a technology startup where he built a 20-member team in less than two years. For the last eight years, he has been leading the technology team at Teach For India, enabling access to cutting-edge IT infrastructure, digital transformation and data management tools.

If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together - African Proverb

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